I am following Kostiantyn since few months, and – to be honest – after seeing his videos about the X99 platform, I bought few motherboards on AliExpress (three to be precise) and a couple of CPUs (E5 2620 v3, E5 2630L v3).

At the end I kept a motherboard (Huananzhi X99-F8 Gaming) and a E5 2620 v3), and sold the other two (Atermiter and Machinist). I decided to keep the 2630L v3 CPU as a spare part.

Unfortunately not all RAM sticks can be used on the chinese montherboards. It is a gamble: sometimes they work, sometimes the motheboard does not boot and stops with error code B7.

In my case, had to buy ECC DDR4 on eBay to be 100% sure that it works.

Now I am thinking if it makes sense to swap my motherboard with this one below. The biggest challenge are the CPU coolers. Normal cheap coolers (Snowman) are too big to be used here (notice how close are the two sockets).

But, besides if I will swap my motherboard or not, check the video out. Konstantyn’s channel (that has also a website) is one of the most technical channels specialized on X99 motherboards.

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